What is Profession, Professional and Professionalism and What is its features

What is Profession, Professional and Professionalism and What is its features?

Friends, today we will talk in this article – Profession, Professional and Professionalism. Apart from this, we will also talk about the features of the profession in this article. In other words, this article is not only useful for the student of commerce, it is also useful for those who want to pursue a career in the profession of their choice.

So friends, let us explain in detail about these three to you. First you know about the profession:

What is Profession?

A paid Profession:

In fact, a human being does some work to earn it. He earns a living for himself and his family with that income. One works for earning or adopts the profession that he possesses.

In other words, you have a profession in which you make money. A profession in which you have a better experience. Also, you have the maturity and a lot of skills for that job.

For example: An engineer with high education, his skills and experience also perform better in his chosen field.

  • A Profession as a vocation requiring advanced education, training and skills.
  • A Profession is a disciplined group of individuals who adhere to ethical standards.

So friends, let’s know who is profional:

Doctor, lawyer, nurse, pilot, driver, computer operator, computer programmer, teacher, vet, businessman, fireman, policeman, military man, dentist, journalist, travel agent, bank clerk, designer, hairdresser etc.

In other words, an employment in which you are already expert in your education and training. Qualification Your skills and experience keep increasing over time. Apart from this, as your income increases, your popularity, trust and reputation also increases because you have mastery in that field.

What is Professional:

You may have noticed that the blacksmith makes a variety of tools by heating iron. Sonar makes jewelry from gold. The washerman washes your clothes. These professional people take some money from you in return because it is their profession. You would be surprised that these people are a little educated or illiterate, but their experience and skills are better. Therefore they do this work with great skill.

However, in other areas there are quite skilled professionals. Because they have high degree of degrees. Apart from this, they also take training from experts. This education and training boosts their skills.

Friends, you are highly experienced in your work or in your profession, qualified and in addition you have better skills. This is professional.

In other words, professional is relating to or belonging to a profession. In addition, a person engaged or qualified in a profession.

Example of professional in a sentence:

  • Do you have any professional experience?
  • You should seek professional advice.
  • I was impressed by the calm and professional way she handled the crisis.
  • The presentation was very professional.

What is Professionalism:

Friends, the word professionalism means your attitude. In other words, professionalism is your mind, your thoughts and your skills. Because that is how a person conducts himself in certain situations.

In fact, professionalism is your attitude. Therefore, we are putting here some questions for you in front of you, which after reading you will understand yourself what professionalism is and besides, how much you understand it.

  • In what way does professionalism speak?
  • How do you deal with people?
  • What is your personalty like?
  • Are people attracted to you or not?
  • How do you manage their work?
  • How do you take responsibility for them and how do you fulfill those responsibilities?

Features of Profession:

Friends, now we will talk about the features of the profession.

1. Nature of work:

Professionals charge a fee in exchange for specialist services, eg, an architect designs the layout of the office for a fee.

In fact, earning money in exchange for work or advice or service is a natural expert quality.

For example,
The lawyer sits in his office. If you go to get any legal advice, then he will not give any kind of advice on the way. They will call you at their office at a certain time. And will give you legal advice there. In return for this legal advice, you will have to pay the fee. Thus, this is the natural quality of all professionals. Even if you go to the Chartered Accountant for income tax advice, you will have to pay the fee.

2. Aim to Earn Money:

Friends, the goal of all professions is to earn money. Instead of money, they provide services to their customers and solve their problems.

3. High Qualification:

In any profession you have to get the necessary qualification before starting the practice. Each profession has a certain set of body of knowledge. You will have to acquire this knowledge only by systematic and formal training. Because, until you get this knowledge, you will not be able to practice any profession.

4. Financial Returns:

Because, professionals receive fees in exchange for their services. Income earned by a professional is not fixed. Professionals are employed by an organization. Some professionals also work in government or private companies. A working chartered accountant gets a salary but those who practice privately ie self-employed get a fee.

5. Capital:

It is up to you to practice the profession independently or do a job. An independent practicing professional needs large capital to establish his or her practice. It differs from profession to profession.

6. Registration and Membership:

However, some professionals have a council that regulates the activities of professionals. You must register yourself with your respective council and obtain a certificate of practice.

  • Bar Council of India for Lawyers,
  • ICAI for Chartered Accountants,
  • Indian Medical Association for Doctors etc.

The code of conduct mentioned by their respective councils should be strictly followed by every professional. Each practicing professional has to obtain membership from the council concerned.

7. Non-transferability:

If you are a doctor or a lawyer, it is not necessary that your son or daughter should also take this profession. Like a business, you will not be able to transfer the ownership of the profession. However, after completing your studies, definitely make a place like you by practicing with you.

In other words, such as a doctor cannot transfer his medical practice to his son or daughter who has not completed related medical education.

Friends, I hope you have a better understanding of the profession.

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