Why is the Advertising Video Important for You and How to make it for the best Performance?

Why is the advertising video important for you and how to make it for the best performance?

Why is the advertising video important for you? If you want to sell a product, the first thing you need to know about that product to your customers. More information will be available only when you advertise that product.

In other words, you must have advertisements to develop you. Otherwise they will not be able to do anything by making the best product. Nowadays, one of the most effective tools for advertising is advertising video. Because it is fully visible. In addition, customers also see and hear. And feel themselves through that video too.

Advertising video has two main things. First, you are a businessman and want to advertise your business yourself. Second, you are a blogger or digital marketer and are advertising for your client.

Especially video advertising is a very big tool in the advertising world. Entertaining occurs in the video, engagement takes place. In addition, there is a very large personal touch. Not only this, it provides high quality backlink from powerful websites like YouTube.

Thus, in this article we will explain step by step how to make advertising videos for local business.

A. Perfect Script:

The most important part of advertising video is not the camera or animation software, but the script. The script is the soul of the video. This is the powerful message you have to deliver to your viewer. A weak or confuse script will ruin your advertising video.

However, no special writer is needed to write the script. If you try a little, you can get better results.

I would like to give you a suggestion here. This is an easy and effective way. Write the script of the video up to a maximum of 180 words. Divide this 180 words into three parts-

  • Problem: 50 words
  • Solution: 100 words
  • Call to Action: 30 words
1. Write the Problems:

In 50 words of the first part, tell us about the problem that you want to solve through your video.

Suppose your video is about a doctor. Write it in 50 words like this – are you upset with your doctor? Does your doctor not give correct consultation? Is the doctor’s fee high?

These first 50 words will be only about the customer’s problem. If you are having trouble finding that doctor’s problem, first find out what is his specialty? Now find the opposite of his specialty.

2. Write the Solution:

Now in other 100 words, tell the customers about all the facilities of that doctor, which the doctor provides. In other words, whatever details you want to give. Give these 100 words in the script.

3. Call to Action

And finally the third more important part is what you want to tell your viewers. Do you want the viewer to call or contact you? For this, you should give complete details in 30 words. Like to contact a doctor today. You can give your contact number in it. If you want to call our website then write – click on our website for more information. In other words, the last 30 words should only and only call to Action.

B. Clear Audio

The second most important part comes after the script; Audio. It includes both voice over and background music. If your animation and shooting goes bad, it will still work. But if your audio is damaged then there will be two problems.

First, viewers will not watch the entire video. Because the message you want to show or give to the customer. The customer will not be able to hear it. Therefore, it is very important to have audio clear. You do not need to buy a mic by yourself for voice over. You can hire a good voice in a 5-10 doller from a website like – www.fiverr.com or www.upwork.com.

The second important thing is that before taking any actor or actress, it must be understood that her speaking style suits according to your video.

C. Visuals:

This is the final and video part. There are many options for this – 3D animation, 2D animation, motion graphics etc. You will use any of the tools according to your budget and technical tools.

The actor’s location based videos are more costal. Because in arranging the camera, equipment, crew, actress, lighting, expenses are very high. So 3D animation, or 2D animation is better than other tools. Because it saves a lot of expenses.

If you have a budget for any style, know what style would be better before shooting the video.

Use the tools according to your budget and requirement:

The style of Visual depends not only on your budget, but also on topics and scripts. The script of the video is good, there is engaging and to the point, then visualization of very simple animation style will also be better for your business.

You do not need any budget to write good scripts. Bus! You have to do research about the topic. The problem of your customer has to be understood. There is no exaggeration that you will not find a good script.

If your client’s budget is not formed, there is nothing to worry about. Customers will be impressed even when they create videos using animation tools.

Pay attention to video quality

One more thing, let me tell you that if the budget is not full, then the video should be made by shooting a photo from the mobile. Which is not good at all. Does not work like this. Because nowadays, viewers are in the habit of watching better and clear scenes. Apart from this, there is an expert team to finalize the video shot with the camera. So protect the brand and business from such disasters. If there is no budget, then make videos in 2D or 3D animation, which the viewer likes very much.

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