What is App Marketing strategy?

What is App Marketing strategy?

Today we are going to tell you about the app marketing strategy in this article. We promote our mobile apps using app marketing strategy, tools and concepts. Friends, when we talk about the mobile app, our main and first objective is the mobile app’s strategy – install app.

First of all, we want our app to be installed. After that, we see how users who are affecting the matter of engagement. How is their retention? If you are an app based on subscription, then they are subscribing or not. You will have to analyze and change these things. Apart from this, there are matters of retention and subscription, so that you can improve it.

App Marketing Strategy

1. App Sharing Options:

You must have the option of sharing in your app.

2. Eye Catching, Icon and Banner:

There are lots of apps on the play store. Maybe another app of the same kind that you have created, is already adjusted. In this case, you have to create the icon and banner in a very professional way.
Your app is eye catching, so that people get caught as soon as they search for keywords.

3. App Store Optimization (ASO):

The first settled is ASO. If you do not work above the organic base then a lot of problem is going to happen. Generally people move towards paid marketing to achieve any objective quickly. But, if you are moving towards paid marketing from the beginning, then it is fine, but apart from this, keep your source also towards organic. You have to work hard for that too, so that the user base is also with you. Because, she is a longterm strategy, which will benefit you a lot later.

I have written some ranking factors for ASO – Rating, Tags, Screenshot, App downloads, Title, Short Description, Long Description etc. You have to focus on them. The most noticeable thing in this is that the keyword has to be used with everyone.

4. Facebook Ads Platform:

Use mobile app install. Here you can make dedicated campaign. App install on Facebook creates ads for the right users by creating ads at the least cost. Here you will be able to increase app installation and downloads for less.

5. Google Ads:

App install Ads. Here I would like to tell one more thing from point of view paid marketing. Many times it happens that app installs grow rapidly. But, in the same way uninstall also grow at the same speed.

For example, your App1000 was installed today. With this, uninstall also became 500. Then, effective install was 500 only. Because you paid for the install. So spent Rs 10,000 per install on Rs 10 per install, but the effective install here is 500 only. Thus your cost per install has increased to Rs 20. Which is quite expensive.

There are a lot of reasons to uninstall the app. For example, seeing ad, someone installed your app. However, when he goes inside the app, he does not get his favorite feature. Then it will uninstall.

Keep in mind that the work you are promoting the app for. Apart from this, the call to option you are using in ad. It should be in your app. Many times you write video, animation or text from marketing view, which is not aligned with your app. In this case, the user will install. But will immediately uninstall itself feeling cheated.

6. Publishing Apps:

There are many publishing sites where you can publish your app. like, Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Store.

7. Create a Microsite / Landing Page:

Also create a Microsite / Landing page of your app. Do the SEO & Target web audience. As you have the product, it is only an app. In addition, you should have a landing page or web page or website or microwebsite, similar to your app.
Of course, your app will have more and better features. Because this is your main product. But just like this, if you have it as a landing page or website, it will have a different reflection. So that you can also SEO it. And if you are a web browser audience, you can check it. Thus, you can get that audience conversed. The audience will install your app after being inspired.

8. Create Promotional Video:

This is also a very important thing for your App.

9. Integrated Social Feature Sharing:

Integrated some social features within the App too. So the regular users will promote this with their network. In case there will be some social features inside your app. Like sharing any feature of the app on any other social platform. The advantage of having such an option would be that an audience liked a feature of your app. And he shares it to someone else, then your app will be automatically promoted.

10. Understand and Analyze Your Potential Users:

Understand your potential audience and work with analytics related to potential audience. This means that you created the app, which type of demographic is it designed to serve. In other words, what kind of people it is made for. You will have to analyze that the app for which you were created in the beginning. Are they using the same people or are other people also using them. So that you can know who your ideal users are and what your app itself expects.

11. Push Notifications and Pop-ups:

Push Notifications & Pop-ups for encouraging different actions by users. After installing this app, you get more use. Marketing point of view also helps you. For example, you have given pop-ups for reviews. When reviews or ratings come, you will get a lot of benefit in app install optomization. Because, as reviews and ratings keep coming, whatever engagement feature your app has, it will continue to improve. In other words, your app optimization will grow stronger.

12. Reach out to Influencers / Bloggers:

Reach out to influencers / bloggers can be done before launching app too. You will come in contact with many influencers and bloggers. But, keep in mind here that influencers and bloggers should be in touch with you, which is a reliance on your app feature.

Friends, I hope you have understood App Marketing Strategy and understand how you will start it. Thank you.

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