What is App Store Optimization and how to get started?

What is App Store Optimization and how to get started

Today, we will understand what is app store optimization? Apart from this, you will also get to know what are its basic steps?

Friends, many times it happens that even after an app is installed or downloaded, customers uninstall it. In other words, your uninstall is happening. Because the features or information they need. It is not in your app. Whether you are new to app marketing or old you have to face these kinds of problems. For this you need to improve your app.

What is App Store Optimization?

The focus of App Store Optimization is to improve the ranking of moble applications directly within app store – like, Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Store.
As you know there are many platforms from where you download apps. If you work on Android, then you use the Google Play Store to download apps. On the other hand, if you work on iOS then the Apple App Store is used. Also, if you work on Windows, then there is the Windows Store.

For example :

For this, first we go to the Google Play Store. Go to Google search and type in Google Play Store. Then click on Google Play. You will see a lot of apps there. Suppose you have to book a flight ticket, then search on Google Play – flight ticket booking app. On searching, you will see many apps related to flight ticket booking. Such as – Indigo-flight ticket, MakeMy Trip-flight, All Flight Tickets etc. Now you will download any of these apps which you think will be better according to you.
So, app store optimization means that you rank your app through keywords. When someone Particulars ranks your app by keywords, it is App Store optimization. Thus, you have understood what is app store optimization.

App Store Optimization is essentially a combination of getting more people to discover your app and covering app page visitors into installers and then loyal customers later on.

The point here is what is the purpose of App Store Optimization and why do it? The first thing is that if you do App Store Optimization, then your app will be visible in the App Store.

The second object to do App Store Optimization is that you have listed your app in the Play Store. After this, your goal is to install as many apps as possible.

Priority to Loyal Customers:

The third priority is that you are a loyal customer. Their value remains. For this, you should always keep the content and feature value with them and according to their requirement.

You should stick to your loyal customer. This is not the case because you uninstall your app and install the application of one of your competitors. By now you must have understood that App Store Optimization does not mean to rank your app on Play Store only. Rather, you will also have to fill the other two goals. So that we can understand the entire App Store Optimization.

Understanding the Organic App Store Optimization

Now you understand why App Store Optimization has to be done and what it is. In fact, you need to know that as the downloads increase, their ranking will increase. In addition, your app has many other factors that influence ASO. Description, icons, screenshots, preview video, ratings retention rate, uninstall etc. Here are some basic points from which you can start App Store Optimization:

1. App name, URL, and subtitle:

Ensuring they reflect the core Keyword descrbing your App. Once you decide which keyword you want to rank your app on. What would that keyword be. After that your App name, URL, and subtitle are being reflected in Google Play or not.

2. App Keyword Fields:

These are imitative to get right and to update to show latest and changing user search queries. Whenever you search for a keyword here, then your keyword should appear in the title of Google Play List, besides the short description of the title is visible. In this short description, you also have to keep the keyword. Now the most important thing is to choose this kind of dynamic keyword which is evergreen. In other words, for some time you have chosen the keyword Particulars which continues to rank for a few months and no one asks for it later.

Use a variety of tools on Google for better keywords. Here you will be able to know how a perticular keyword is performing. In this way, write your keywords in the title, short descriptions and complete descriptions.

Keep in mind that the keywords have to be used in all three places. But do not do it in such a way that keyword stuffing should be done. Therefore, set the keyword to be completely SEO compliant.

3. App Ratting and Reviews:

A core trust area for users as well as a ranking signal for app stores, freshness and ratting all matters. The third point here is very important. Whenever a user wants to download your app. Then first he will see your app’s rating – how much is the rating average, how many people have rated and what kind of comment is being made about it. Whoever is your new user, will think about downloading only after reviewing your app.

When the app is downloaded then in Google’s algorithm there will be a signal that the app is being downloaded. In this way more people like him will also come to download your app. They will also give comments, ranking based on their experience.
In this way the signal reaches Google both directly and indirectly.

The signal reaches when people search with keywords that directly reach information with Google. The second thing is that people gave ratings and made positive comments. Which increased the download. The download served as a signal that it is a good and useful app and should get a good ranking in Google search. So in this way we optimize the app on Google store both directly and indirectly.

4. App Downloads:

Increasing the volumes of downloads will support increased prominance within the app store organic ranking. If you want to optimize your app, then first of all, you have to do a promotive and strong keyword research and make a choice that keeps your app relevant. In this way, your app continues to get more exposure so that reviews and ratings are good. Which serves to re-rank your app.

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