What is Digital Marketing and Why and How its Important?

What is Digital Marketing and Why and How its Important?

What is digital marketing, how is and how to use it. You are going to answer all the questions from this article. So, read this article completely. As we all know that this is digital age and we are living in digital age. So it is important to know what is digital marketing?

If you do any business, be it small or big. Also sell products or service. Thus, you need to know about digital marketing.

Digital marketing is made up of two words – digital and marketing. Digital means – Internet and marketing means – advertising.

Every day millions of people in the world use the Internet sitting at home. People shop for the goods they need, whether it is for their wish, marriage for marriage or festivals. In the last few years, the way people shop has changed completely. Now as before, people do not go to the market and buy goods, but instead look at the goods from the online website and shop online if they like. Therefore, people who do business, their shop has been closed due to online business. It has become difficult for them to do business.

Friends, fifteen years ago and today the methods of marketing have changed a lot. Earlier a businessman or company had to market or advertise a product. There were a lot of expenses then. Also it used to take a lot of time. Because, advertising, TV, newspaper, radio and magazine had to be used. Apart from this, door to door marketing was also used by executives.

All these advertising tools were quite expensive. Nevertheless, companies could not reach their product to many people. Even today many companies are adopting the same old methods to promote their product. Which can be very dangerous for them in future.

Let’s understand with an example:

Suppose you launch a product. You are single and apart from that you have no money. Then how many products will you be able to sell everyday? In other words, how many people will you give your product information to – 50 to 100 at the most.
But through the same information digital marketing, you can reach millions of crores in a second. For this, you do not even need to put too much capacity and money. If the information of the product is available to millions of people, then its results will also start coming very soon.

To solve these problems, the information that we are keeping in front of you, its name is Digital Marketing.

First of all, we will know what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing done through internet computers, laptops or mobile phones and electronic devices. Because through this, a company can market its product and reach its target customer in a very short time. And at the same time customers also benefit from buying goods from home (without going to market). Therefore, it is called online marketing or internet marketing.

Some key points come out of the definition of digital marketing:
1. Reaching customers at the right time and at the right place:

When a company launches its business or new product. Then, he has to market his product to reach people. Marketing means; Connecting with your customer at the right time and at the right place. In today’s time, you have to connect with the customer where they spend maximum time. And that’s where – the Internet. Because, today most people spend maximum time on the Internet.

2. Methods of advertising are changing:

Almost all people in the world use the Internet. Not only this, the number of internet users is increasing every day. Whether a big company or a small company; Now everyone wants to do online marketing. The way companies use big posters, banners and pamphlets to promote their products. Similarly, it is also in digital marketing. But, digital technology is used for this.

3. Easy Access to Customers:

Whether it is offline marketing or online marketing; The aim of both is to reach as many people as possible. Advertising in offline marketing costs more. But, in online marketing, you can reach customers from all over the world with very little cost.

Now we will know why digital marketing is important?

Digital marketing is a simple means of reaching customers through digital technologies. When there was no smartphone. People used to use television, radio, magazines and newspapers more. Then, companies used to promote by showing advertisements in all these places. People used to buy products from the market after seeing these advertisements.

Media Trend changed:

Today, the trend of media has changed. Because, now in this era of smartphones, especially the youth segment spend all their time on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. Watch videos on YouTube instead of TV. Listen to songs on different apps instead of radio and read online news instead of newspapers. This is why companies use the Internet for their advertising. Apart from this, more advertisements are shown where more internet users are found.

Customer purchases without losing time:

Digital marketing helps companies reach customers in less time and less time. Earlier people had to go to the market and buy things of their choice. He is now getting things of his choice without having to spend time sitting at home.

Reduced costs and increased product sales in less time:

In digital marketing, not only customers, but also merchants are benefiting. Because they are able to connect with more customers in a very short time. Thus, their product sales are increasing. In the present time, the demand of digital marketing is getting more, because in the short time and cost, there is more profit.

Now we will know where and how digital marketing is use?

1. Blogging:

In fact, it is the best and better way of digital marketing. In this, you have to create a blog with the name of the company, in which you can tell about the services provided by the company. And in addition, whenever new products are launched. Then, you add his information to your blog. Thus, you can attract a lot of customers to you. In other words, the popularity of the company’s product will increase and your business will also increase.

2. Apps Marketing:

Many companies on the Internet are reaching customers by creating apps. App marketing is the marketing of apps by apps. This digital marketing is the best option. Because everyone uses many apps in their smartphone. You can advertise on a variety of apps to reach your business to thousands of people.

3. YouTube Channel Marketing:

Whenever you watch a video on YouTube, you start another video in between for a few seconds or minutes. These are actually marketing videos of a company’s product. In other words, a company’s product is advertised. People see it and are attracted.

4. Email Marketing:

In email marketing, merchants send information about their products to customers through email. Along with this, there are complete deals and information of the product in it. Along with the information of the product, it also has a link. Because, the product is purchased through the link. It is very useful in digital marketing. Because you reach the customer with one click.

5. Content Marketing:

In this, you write the information of all the products made by the company as a content. You have to make sentences to write correctly and attractively. Apart from this, the deals and offers of the product will also have to be told. Thus, the reader will like the content and your popularity will also increase. With this, the sale of the product will also be more.

6. Search Engine Optimization:

If you want to get a lot of traffic or customers through search engines, then it is very important to have knowledge of SEO. If the user needs any information, then he uses Google. SEO brings any word to the top in Google search engine. If your topic is above that list then people will be able to see and read more. In this way, the customers will increasingly become associated with you and your business will also grow. Therefore, you have to make your website and content according to the guidelines of SEO.

7. Social Media Marketing:

It is an important part of digital marketing. Through this, traders not only promote their product, but they also get to know what their competitors are talking according to their plan? It is very beneficial for your business. You can advertise your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Google AdWords:

Whenever you read a website, you will see a lot of advertisements. Most advertisements are shown by Google. With the help of Google AdWords, any merchant can advertise their product. This is a paid service and you have to pay Google for this. Google shows advertisement of your product on good website. So that you can achieve your product sales target.

With Google AdWords, you can run many types of ads. Such as text ads, image ads, gif ads, match content ads, video ads, pop-up ads, sponsored search, web banner ads.

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