How does a 10 Business Growth Plan Work for You?

How does a 10 business growth plan work for you?

What is a business growth plan? In this article, we are going to discuss what are the steps that will make your business growth. Also, how to sequence those steps so that your business can growth. Many businessmen who have a new beginning of their own business. They are confused about how to do marketing and how to increase sales.

If you follow some steps of the business. Then, you will know for yourself what is better for you? Because you will know which place, where you have to work. So let’s discuss those 10 steps. If you work on all those steps, then you will reach the path from where the growth starts: You will definitely succeed.

These ten steps are following:

  1. Target Marketing: In fact, you know who is your target market?
  2. Your Product: What and how will be your product?
  3. Message your Customers: What will be your messaging?
  4. Advertising Media: Which are the media through which customers will reach?
  5. Proper Lead System: What will be the system of your lead because, it reaches the customer. How will you manage inquiries?
  6. Proper Lead nurture system: How will you nurture the inquiries you have. How will you take care of them? How will you ensure that there are no leakages in your inquiries?
  7. Sales conversion system: How will you do sales conversion? How will they build the system, so that sales increase.
  8. Perfect Delivery system: How will you deliver? How to fulfill your customer’s pledge?
  9. Customers Life Time Value System: How will your customer’s Life Time Value system be maintained? How to calculate the customer’s life time value? So that we can work on LTV and stay connected to the customer.
  10. Referral System: What will be your referral system?

You have to follow these steps in sequence. Because, if the growth of your business is not coming, then here are some places where its answers are hidden.

Let us first understand what a plan is?

The plan is to do any thing and to get that thing. There are several steps inside the plan. Within the plan, you have to ensure that all the steps are following by the rules. Only after this, you hope for proper result. It also happens that, there is a deficiency in your plan. But if you follow the steps of the plan, then you will know its deficiency.

Similarly, if you want to increase business, then you have to follow these 10 steps in a proper way. Before going into the details of these ten steps, let us tell you something else.

Step no.2, 3 and 4 are cost saving steps. Because it helps in cost saving in your business. In other words, where money comes out of your business, expenses are less.

Steps 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 are steps of your revenue or sales. Because these five work to increase your revenue or sales.

Because, there is only one way to increase the profit of a company –
  • Either you reduce the cost
  • Or increase revenue or sales
  • Or do both.

Now let us go into the details of these ten steps:

1. Target Marketing:

Who is your customer? Are you clear about this Your clarity should be such that even if you close your eyes, it is visible in your mind. You should know how the customer spends his entire day? What problems do they have? What are the motives and needs of his life?

In fact, To understand the market means that you are sitting in the mind of the customer. All this will be clear only then you will be able to recognize your target. The first steps are like the root of a tree, because the customer is the foundation of your business.

2. Your Product:

The second step is the product. Because, you have identified the customer or the market. Then, you know what product or service they need? Your product leads the customer to his goal or eliminates his troubles. You should think that what are the concerns, problems, needs and goals of the customers from your product? In addition, your product should be set from his life.

3. Message your Customers:

Actually, when your target and product is completed. Now how will you send a message to the customer? How to talk to him? You do not have to do your thing here. Rather, you have to talk about your customer’s needs, their concerns. No more, do not praise your product. Talk about his interest. Then, talk about how your product will solve their problem?

4. Advertising Media:

After the completion of three steps till now, you will now have to use media to reach the customer. What type of advertising media will it be – traditional media, digital media or social media. It depends on which place and circumstances your customer lives. Also, it is important that you know how much the customer knows. Thus, you’d better know which media to use?

5. Proper Lead System

Now you have started getting customers or leads or inquiries. You need a lead system. So that more and more inquiries become your customer. Read our articles to understand the lead system – “How to Grow Your Business without money?”. Because without the lead system, all four of your previous steps will be useless.

6. Proper Lead nurture system:

Because, you get leads every day. Therefore, the person who did not buy the product or who desired to buy a few days later. You forget that. But, you should always remember that they were going to be your valuable customer. Therefore,You should keep in touch with them. You ask them “Sir, were you coming after two days?” Thus you must have a lead system as well as a lead nurture system.

7. Sales conversion system:

Now you have to explain how your product is beneficial for them? This step should be exactly like a machine. This step will not be correct until you complete the first, second and third steps. In other words, your target market, product and your message will be completed only after the completion of the sales conversion system.
Sales conversion system:

  • Call opening
  • Knowing the customer
  • Negotiate the price
  • Mutual Satisfaction
  • Sell the product
8. Perfect Delivery system:

Thus, in the seventh step you completed the sale. Now, you have to deliver to the customer. Because, you have to fulfill the customer promise. Also, your product reaches the right customer safely. You have promised time, quantity, quality and delivery to your customers. And thus, it is your ultimate duty to fulfill customer commitments.

9. Customers Life Time Value System:

When you fulfill customer commitments. Then your repeat sale starts increasing. Because, your message has reached the customer better. In other words, you start getting Life Time Value from the customer. Thus, he has now become a regular customer for your business.

10. Referral System:

Because, you worked hard to make the lead a customer. Now it will be referral from customer to other customer. You will not have to do so much hard work for a new customer. Because he has known everything about you and your product from the first customer. People with referral themselves become customers and that too will serve as referral for you.

There are many traders, who give more time on steps 8, 9 and 10. As a result, better results are not obtained.
You work outside the company for the first four steps. The other three steps (5, 6, and 7) have your sales processing. After this, in the third stage your customer became a valuable and referral customer.

Thus, hope that this article will definitely be helpful in your business. Thank you!

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