How to Grow Your Business without money

How to Grow Your Business without money: Friends, today’s topic is how to grow your business without money? I have brought this very interesting article for you grow your business without money. After reading this article, you will be able to grow your business quickly. Additionally, you will have to spend a very minimal amount for this or no expense at all.

For an example:

Have you ever looked carefully at how Sugarcane Juice vendor works? You must have seen He breaks 10-12 feet long cane into 5-6 pieces. The sugarcane keeps pouring between the two wheels of the juicer machine until the last drop of juice from that sugarcane is squeezed. In this process, vendor has to be inserted into the machine 10-12 times. If there was someone else, after two to three times the process would have thrown it out as worthless.

Here, the vendor took out the juice from sugarcane. But in this process he has to spend very minimum because, he only had to spend the machine running. Like – expenses in fuel.

According to example, sugarcane is your Lead and Inquiries. You will have a system. Such as – Facebook, blogs etc. on which leads will come. There will be some Lead and Inquiries on which you do work. Many people do not squeeze it completely. And not fully use it. We try to understand it better for you next. Divide the Inquiries for you into five labels:

1. Ready to buy:

In fact, this is the breakdown of what comes to the Inquiries. Now, here’s what the breakdown means. Suppose you have one hundred inquiries to buy products or services. Only 3% of them come to buy product or take service.

2. Confused Inquiries:

Only 7% of the one hundred inquiries are Open to Buying. In other words, if you explain properly then they will buy. Such inquiries are confused. If you manage to remove their confusion. Then, they go shopping.

3. Interested but not now:

Thus, in the third label inquiries, there are those who are thirty percent. Such people are interested your in product but not now. They do not have any kind of burning desire to buy today and now.

4. No interest in buying:

The fourth label consists of thirty percent of people who have no interest in your product or service. Such people will see your product or service but they are not interested.

5. Not even for free:

In the fifth label, there are thirty percent people, who you give your product for free. Even then they do not accept.

Note the third label:

In fact, you and your business people pay more attention to the first label. In other words, 3% pay more attention to inquiries, but others pay very little attention to 7% of labels.

In addition, people of the third label which is 30% you did not pay any attention at all. How to remove juice from these thirty percent? You should think about it These people are around you. In other words your system is the same.

Suppose, five hundred people come to you and 15 of them customers buy your product. This means that you let go of 485 customers just like that. In other words, you throw sugarcane using it once. Because it is from here that your growth starts, which you left to be considered useless. If you work on it carefully then your growth rate will immediately increase by two hundred percent.

In the above example, hundred people fall into the inquiries. Then you sold 3 people in First Label. Here price is considered 100 rupees per unit. Thus, your revenue is Rs 300.

The second label has 7 people open to buy. You converted 50% of people into buyer and sold your product. Now, your revenue has increased by 350 rupees.

Similarly, there are thirty people in the third label who want to buy but will buy later. Thirty percent of them got you ready to buy. Now your revenue has increased by 900 rupees.

So in this way you saw that when you were getting 300 rupees daily. He increased to 1250 rupees in a few days. Leave 40 people completely. Because they are not interested and who do not even want to be free. Leave them at all.

Recognize hidden opportunity:

Money is lying on your table, but you do not know how to raise money from that table. That’s why you left that money on the table. Growth is not difficult. You have the opportunity hidden. Bus ! All you have to do is work correctly. Who become the next label company. It is not like they have a gift. They also have the same things but they use the best methods.

A successful businessman continues to grow because he utilizes his experience. Work by creating a framework. Apart from this, they also use execution skills. Not only this, they emphasize too much on what else can I do?

If you want to go to the next label in your business, then you need the following five things:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • people
  • system
  • Management

You have to be the champion of these five things. Then, your business will start growing automatically. For this, you have to adopt a strategy. According to your plan, it should be divided into two parts for Business Grow:

First, Growth and second, System

In the growth part, there should be marketing and sales. Because, the aim of marketing is to bring more customers. Not only this, the aim of sales is to increase conversion, create strategy and create a sales script. In other words, there should be minimum rejections and maximum sales.

In a system part, there are two main parts. Apart from this, what to do so that 2 hours of work can be completed in 1 hour. Secondly, people. How to get people to work? How to talk How to work with less and unskilled people.

Hope you liked this article. So, in the next article how to customize your business program? Thank you.

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