What is Reasons for Non Performance in Sales and How to resolve it?

What is reasons for non performance in sales and how to resolve it?

First, we will talk about the reasons of not sales:

Reasons of not sales: Today, we are going to talk about some reasons of not sales in this article. Because, for that reasons we do not have a sales. And why is it important to know? This is important because you will know the reasons for not having a sale. Then, we will find its solution. Apart from this, we will also think how to correct it? So, we discuss with you the five regions which do not result in sales.

There is some philosophy of sale, which I would like to tell you. And that is your conviction first. You help the customer. The second thing is your fundamental thought. Because, you have to decide so that your customer will be the winner? When your effort and attention will be connected to this side. Then, you will find that your sale gets better automatically.

In fact 80% of sales take place, they are psychological. Apart from this, 20% of sales are due to technology. People pay more attention to the twenty percent who are there, while they do not pay any attention to the psychological sale. It comes in your psychology. In other words, your product or service helps customers. Because it wins the customers. This is the conviction.

The 5 regions we talked about above. When the five picks together, the sales move forward. If you know where your customer is staying. Then you will also solve it. Because you will go under its fold. Now we will discuss about those five in details. They are the following 5 regions:

Your Customers Have No Money:

One of the major reasons for not having sales is the lack of money from customers. Many a times make something that customers like. Apart from this, they also have a desire to buy. But, they have no money. Now because, if the customer does not have the money, then your sale will not happen. In other words, your lead does not have a fee to receive your service. Or does not have any means to purchase the product.

If the customer does not have the money, but still they are coming to you. This means that there is a problem with your positioning. In other words, tea is available in a large hotel and also tea available in a small shop. The person who drinks tea in a small shop does not go to the hotel. Because he knows that hotel tea is very expensive. Because the hotel is expensive and big. But tea is tea. Whether at Five Star Hotel or at your small shop.

This is the problem of positioning. There is a shortcoming in your branding. The customer wants him to drink hotel tea, but he feels disrespectful to himself financially.

You don’t have time:

No time, means – you also have money and a solution, but no time to provide. In other words, people keep taking time thinking that perfect time will come. Then he will do the work. One day will come, then he will start work. Perfect time here means – I’ll do it when everything goes right. The thing to think about here is that perfect time never comes. Secondly, when everything will be alright. Then you have nothing left to do.

One psychological idea of ​​planning is that when a man thinks about the future, he is very optimistic. He thinks that when everything is good in the future, I will do it. But he could not think that the problem today. He will also be in Problem Future, what will you do then? Will you always wait for the perfect time? You thought in your mind that perfect time never comes. In fact, when you start, that’s the perfect time.

Because, of this, you will not have many customers, because, you do not have time for them. For this reason, your sales will not be there or will be reduced.

No need for your product:

You work hard for customers who do not need your product. Your product does not fit the demand of that customer. You will not forcibly sell it to him. For this, you have two ways – first, launch your new product according to that customer and second, create the old product in the mind of that customer.

In fact, both are difficult, but not impossible. You have to make the customer aware of his need. Unless he has needs. Until then, your sales will not increase.

Sales in Urgency:

Suppose a person was injured in an accident. He was immediately taken to the hospital. The doctor revealed the cost of many surgeries and millions. Now you tell me, does the person have any way? You know that the person or his family has no way but to say “yes”. Either way, he will arrange for the money, but he will get the injured person treated till he is healthy. Because, there is urgency here.

On the other hand, if there is mild pain, then the man thinks that he will meet the doctor tomorrow, not tomorrow or tomorrow. Because, there is no urgency here.

The same situation holds for your customers. There are two forces in life when one forces on the need of the person – first, blessing – means when one is very happy or in fun. Second, Pain – is when a person is in pain. In both these situations, the person is in tremendous action. There is no urgency when there is no action. Thus, there is no any sales.

Work is going on without your solution, it will keep going until it has no urgency. Read our articles to understand the lead system – “How to Grow Your Business without money?” and 10 Business Growth Plan Work for You.

95% of people know that health is important, but even 5% do not exercise or gym. The reality is that everyone knows their needs. But that need not follow because there is no urgency.

Difficult to Assure Confidence:

There is urgency, time, need and money, but he is not confident that he can complete the deal. Customers will not tell you, but it often happens that he does not trust yourself or your business or your product. So even in these situations your sales will not be complete. The issue of trust is very serious. Even after everything is perfect, it becomes impossible to complete the deal. You easily find the solution to all the problems, but, it is very difficult to assure confidence.

How to solve these problems so as to increase sales?

  • You make four columns.
  • In the first – there is desire, but no money.
  • In the second column – there is money, but there is no desire.
  • third column – there is less desire and less money.
  • In the fourth column – there is neither money nor desire.

Now, remove the fourth column at all because, the customer of that food has neither money nor desire. Leave the third column for the future. Because, it can happen that the desire arises when there is money or if the desire increases, arrange money. Remove the other column from your list. Because, if there is no desire, there is nothing.

First, remove the customers list of column, because he has the desire. Now you think how to help him. Focus on it.

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